MOMENT is a community organized for the purpose of creating a comprehensive history of New York City music, and supporting its vibrant music communities. Operating in tandem with educators, musicians, venues, and institutions, MOMENT celebrates music culture and diversity in the context of New York City history with the goal of inspiring young artists, supporting indepndent musicians, and preserving a legacy of innovation and artistry.

NYC has long been a center of the music world and a touchstone for countless generations of musicians and musical movements. Landmarks such as Tin Pan Alley, the Brill Building, Broadway, The Apollo, Carnegie Hall, CBGBs, Studio 54 and Paradise Garage have all called this city home. From the days of vaudeville through the many phases of Jazz, from doo wop and the beatniks to the folk revival, from ultramodernism to avant garde minimalism, from salsa to disco, punk to indie, funk to hip hop and house to electronica, music has created much of NYC's identity. Yet somehow this history is not properly represented as a whole. It is a rich and beautifully complex story of resilient communities, and creativity sparked by diversity, industry, and resourcefulness. It is New York City's rhythm and harmony, at times to some asynchronous and discordant but always moving forward.

MOMENT looks at all aspects of music and musical entertainment throughout NYC’s history including writing, performing, recording, broadcast, historic venues, communities and musical theater, spanning from the earliest records to the present day. Ultimately, our goal is to create a physical museum that will be an accessible, interactive center with permanent and rotating exhibits, educational programming, and community-centered events that encourage participation and advance the musical innovation of future generations.

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MOMENT provides traveling performance-seminars and educational resources. Our programs bring highly skilled musicians to schools, giving children learning experiences with live instruments and music as they learn about the famous artists and music history of New York. MOMENT's programs are available to grades 2-12, and we offer discounted and free programs to schools serving children in low to moderate income areas. Find out how you can help bring MOMENT to a school near you.

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The MOMENT Community is building a network of citizens, music professionals, performers, historians, academics, and local heroes for the purpose of creating the Museum of Music & Entertainment in NYC. Become part of this diverse coalition to build a museum that will preserve NYC's musical legacy for generations to come. By joining The MOMENT Community your name will be added to our Founding Community list of supporters. We also hope to have a lot of great parties!

We are actively seeking community involvement, volunteers and support, and welcome and encourage anyone that is interested in getting involved to contact us at

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You can support us in any of the following ways: Ideas, contacts, experienced and inexperienced volunteering, resources (tech, printing, services like transportation, materials etc…), memorabilia, and donations. MOMENT is a 501c3 no-profit registered in the Sate of New York, all contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Your time and expertise make a difference! Send us a note and we’ll let you know how you can get involved.

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Do you have a piece of music history that needs a home? Let us know. We’re looking for recordings, instruments, clothing, ticket stubs, stories, posters, flyers, photographs and more!

Our Mission

MOMENT’s mission is to celebrate, support and preserve the history and future of New York City's musical innovation, artistry and diversity through exhibit, education and performance.

A Letter From MOMENT Founder Genji Siraisi

A note from MOMENT Founder Genji Siraisi

Music has been a fundamental part of human existence since the dawn of civilization. In the modern world music's intrinsic value to our humanity has been overshadowed in many ways by its role as a commodity. As music has become more and more devalued by disruptive technology, it's sustainability as a livelihood has come into question which is something we must not let happen. Meaningful music not only carries our culture but also ignites our souls. Musicians should be performing in our neighborhoods, restaurants, schools, homes and parks. In these uncertain times for the future of music, independent record stores, opera houses, orchestras, venues, record labels, and recording studios are all shuttering their doors or struggling to survive. Live music is becoming a luxury that few venues, restaurants and schools can afford. As music's role as a commodity has been greatly diminished, it is imperative that we remember its true value to us and fight for it's sustainability and subsidization.

It is hard to believe that here in New York, where music has played such an immense role in our identity, that we do not have an institution solely dedicated to our music history and preserving the deeper meaning of all music to civilization. An institution that champions not only the importance of music to us culturally but also the cause to keep it alive and well in an environment that has become increasingly unwelcoming to all but the wealthiest artists.

-Genji Siraisi